Month: March 2000

From email:

WALNUT CREEK, California — Ken Larsen was laying cable on top of a five story building when he stepped backwards over the edge of the roof. During the head-first fall Larsen realized the cable he was still clutching was slowing his descent. After crashing through tree branches he landed feet-first on the ground — with only bruises and scrapes.

“They told me to go buy a lottery ticket,” Larsen said. “And I’m going to.”

Brent has a theory that “André” is actually Mr. Data. At least He hasn’t been compared to Weird Al Yankovic as I have (though I’ve been wearing my hair up recently).

Check this out:

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There are eight new pictures up today on Sally’s Art

Davenet: “So I decided to never write another DaveNet, and guess what’s the first thing I have to do after doing that? I have to write a DaveNet saying this! Oooops.”

I heard this on Voyager tonight: computer “Warning: Warp core breach a lot sooner than you think.”…and then…”Warning: Last chance to be a hero, doctor. Get going.

I finally got the recycling done. And we bought groceries. Big day, huh?

Rhonda wanted to see this picture.

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Comments closed Weather – Search and rescue operations begin after deadly Texas tornadoes: “It’s just been blown apart,” Worley said. “You’ve got buildings with all their windows blown out. You’ve got curtains blowing in the wind. You’ve got insulation from ceilings all over the streets.”

(Not to worry- dad is OK in Dallas. I just talked to him.)

Manila Palooza chat transcript: This was one of my favorite moments.

<ericsoroos> dave is in a long thing on how bad users at software design
<wmf> if you ask for a feature, Dave says it has to be implementable

<ericsoroos> if you think we’re screwing you

<wmf> haha
<tomd> I work at a school district and could probably host.
<ericsoroos> it’s not just you, it’s 4 thousand of you

<Proprietor> tomd: EXCELLENT.
<wmf> Dave knows he’s getting quoted
<ericsoroos> yup
<ericsoroos> taped and everything
<x> Heheh.

<tops> more fx on the laughs… nice….

I’m back at home. More to do tonight, but I don’t need to elaborate. There’ll be news coming down the pipe soon enough.

I’m looking for art supplies online. Geez, eBay’s earch engine sucks.

I’m at the all-day Userland “offsite” meeting. We spent the morning going over stuff, and then came up with a few things for me to do over the next couple of days. There’s no shortage of things to do. Looks like I’ll be having lots of fun!

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Before bed: I started a Manila site to keep track of ToDo’s for myself. I’m populating the homepage with things that I want to bring up at the Userland offsite tomorrow. I bet Brent‘s list is bigger.;): Smile!

I just finished a cool hack! I’ve got Pike uploading folders of images to a Manila site, automatically creating shortcuts and links in my outline as it goes. It’s not the fastest thing in the world because it has to make four RPC calls for each image, but it works. If I had access to the server side of the RPC interface on EditThisPage, then I could get it down to one call. There’s also only minimal error handling- whatever. It’s a hack afterall. It only took me 3.5 hrs! That says something about either my skill and knowledge;): Smile! or about how slick XML-RPC and Manila really are.

Scripting News: “Yesterday was Brent’s 32nd birthday!” Happy Birthday Brent!

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I’m editing this page in Pike. I had a problem though: I set up Jeremy Bowers’ Manila Express for Netscape on IE5 for my Mac. I used it to create the link below about theft of Gates’ identity. But when I hit the Pike button later on, that text wasn’t in the page. I have no idea why. The same thing happens when I edit in the browser first. Hmmm.

Pike is going to be great for maintaining Jahoo!. The template on that site is way too big and complex to edit in a browser. Maybe I’ll start doing updates again.;): Smile!

Yesterday was Manila Palooza!

Manila Palooza Sign:
(Click the sign to enter.)

Susan Kitchens posted her own set of pictures on 2020 Hindsight.

Jake’s Brainpan – March 26, 2000 (my third-most-read message: “I’m going to be an uncle!!! My brother Pete tells me that he and Laura are having a baby!;): Smile!… I gave notice today at Mac Puclishing. I’m going to work as a programmer for Userland!<bang!/>” “Putin receives 52.5 percent of the vote, is declared winner of Russian presidential election”

Seen on Array: A kid hacks e-commerce sites with Gates’ credit info.

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My DSL line is happy again. It started working again sometime late this afternoon, and it’s been up since. Yay!;): Smile!

I’m way psyched about tomorrow! It’s going to be fun! Not to mention that I’ll get to meet Brent and for the first time.

I completed the docs for Mac Publishing’s Frontier-based online production system last night. Guess what- it’s a Manila website running on their intranet! They’re going to buy TeamSite from Interwoven, primarily because I’m leaving for Userland. Aah the irony!

My PacBell DSL was up for a few hours this morning, but it’s down again. I’m writing this from my desk at work on my last day of employment at Mac Publishing. Tasks for the day include cleaning personal stuff of my hard disk, moving some work I’ve been doing onto a server that others can access (though they probably won’t), and packing personal items into a box. Guess that means I have to find a box.

We’re about to go out for a goodbye lunch for Jason Warner and myself. He’s an online production guy whose last day is also today. Steaks- yum!

I forgot my camera at home. Damn!

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Just when PacBell gets their act together with the Userland sites, they drop the ball with my DSL. Nobody can see J-Space or any other service on my LAN at home. Yeesch!

Now I’ve only got 46 bugs at Sonic;): Smile!

Ok. I’ve figured it out.;): Smile!

Userland (that includes me at this point) is playing on my addiction to both EditThisPage and the discussion group. Just like a little baby, if you give it what it wants all the time, it never cries. If you never give it what it wants, it also never cries.

If you sometimes give it what it wants, and sometimes don’t (in as unpredictabe a fashion as you can), you’ll find yourself with the most tearful baby on Earth…

I want my EditThisPage!!! Waaaaah!!!

Phew… It’s back now…

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Brent, and Dave are all meeting at Dave’s house this week. I’ll be down there next Tuesday to talk about updating the image uploading interface and image organization in Manila. I’ll be spending part of the weekend, and Monday specing this thing out. Then Tuesday we’ll rip it apart.;): Smile!

Trouble with Userland’s internet connection. The Conxion-hosted sites seem to be the only ones that were totally unreachable. The problem seems to have been fixed now, which is good, because I need to get to some docs on the DG, which were’nt available an hour ago. Also, ETP and seem to be happy again.

I created yet another manila site (YAMS!) at The major difference there seems to be speed. It’s really fast compared to ETP. There’s nothing there yet, and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

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After eating our fill at Alice’s, Dave and I dropped off Sally and went out to the Paradise Lounge. (Click the picture for more.)

Flyer of Bands at the Paradise-small:

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My friend Dave Reeder just moved to town. We had dinner tonight at Alice’s Restaurant. It’s a Chinese place on 29th at Sanchez three blocks from home.

Welcome to 30th St. at dawn

30th Street at Dawn-small:
(This picture is about a week old.
That twisted-pair in the foreground is my DSL line.)

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