Month: March 2001

A 5 1/2 hour outage on my DSL line just ended. Phew!
8:12:58 PM  

Eric Kidd pledges interop with BDG in C/C++. [Scripting News]
3:23:23 PM  

Simon Fell: “Damn, i should of read this about a month ago.”
3:22:46 PM  

Aaron would consider buying one of these if it had pedals. [A Boy and His Basement]
3:21:41 PM  

The unspeakable Bush. As President Bush announces he won’t hold any more press conferences, a relieved America comes together in gratitude. [] Amen. ;->
4:12:12 AM  

Hannes Wallnöfer sets the record straight (again).
3:11:28 AM  

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Gateway phases out its ISP, Canada stores. The PC maker will effectively terminate by July 31 and has shut all 10 Gateway Country stores in Canada. [CNET]
7:00:49 PM  

Dan Lyke: “If I had the patience to go back and do it again, I’d go to the hardest-to-get-into school I possibly could, and party my ass off, doing just enough work to pass. Get drunk with more professors. See more peers in more compromising positions… Network like crazy.” [Scripting News]

That’s exactly what I did. In fact, the only reason I got my first tech-gig (as an SQA engineer), was because I’d played bass in the same college band as the guy who got me the job.
4:35:03 PM  

scoble: Oh, did you see this in the Register? S+++! Microsoft’s Passport license says “All your data belong to us.”
3:22:32 PM  

TheStandard: Major Labels May License Music to RealNetworks. Warner Music, BMG and EMI are reportedly in talks to offer their content to MusicNet, RealNetworks’ Net-based subscription service.
3:21:04 PM  

Scripting News: “At 9AM we were scheduled to close discussion on the Busy Developer’s Guide, but we pushed it back another 24 hours to get more chance for bug-fixes and buy-in. The new drop-dead date for pushback is 9AM Saturday Pacific.”
1:18:58 PM  

The Motley Fool: The Truth About Credit. Remember that credit isn’t free spending money; it’s a loan with a capital “L.”
1:18:05 PM  

A question for the math-types (unrelated to SOAP): Is it possible to encode the value of pi as a string?
2:19:08 AM  

Why do lots of geeks have beards? They’re too busy to shave. Personally I have a clean face when I’m in maintainence mode, and a beard when I’m locked down, and in crunch mode. Right now, I have a beard.
1:37:53 AM  

Mom: What more could you ask? Companionship, security perhaps. Perhpas I have enough even of that for the present. Off to bed.
1:36:04 AM  

Dave: “I’ve been getting emails like this one all day. It’s great to get the support of web developers and webmasters.”
12:24:51 AM  

A national disgrace. President Bush’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol insults our history, our spirit and our greatness. []
12:24:19 AM  

Organic to Cut 35% of Staff. The Web consultancy says it will hand 300 workers their walking papers and that it might get kicked off the Nasdaq. [TheStandard]
12:23:47 AM  

David Touretzky: Gallery of CSS Descramblers. [Scripting News]
12:22:40 AM  

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Scripting News: Dave, Jake: A Busy Developer’s Guide to SOAP 1.1. Draft.
5:25:40 PM  

Agere: ‘No OS X Drivers for WaveLan’ This sucks.
5:24:59 PM  

3 Staffers Suspended Over SF Gate Column. [SF Gate]
5:24:30 PM  

Nuclear waste: a long-lived legacy. Nuclear waste disposal worries people because the problem will persist for thousands of years. [BBC News]
5:21:48 PM  

Human cloning plans face US scrutiny. A US fertility specialist who wants to clones humans is set to testify at a congressional hearing in Washington. [BBC News]
5:19:52 PM  

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First virus to infect Windows, Linux emerges. A computer virus that can infect PCs running either the ubiquitous Windows operating system or the increasingly popular Linux operating system emerges. [CNET Tech News]
11:02:14 PM  

DoubleClick undergoes security audit after hack attack. Security experts say firm should consider “pulling plug on servers” until flaws are fixed [The Register]
2:22:10 PM  

The Motley Fool: Think Small Companies. Small investors might find diamonds in the rough when looking at smaller, less-known companies.
2:21:42 PM  

Scripting News: Survey: When all is said and done, what will SOAP interop mean?
2:20:57 PM  

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TheStandard: Snooping on the Couch Potatoes. A watchdog group says TiVo isn’t forthright about how much data it collects and distributes on subscribers’ boob-tube habits.
7:47:40 PM  

New York Times: Computing, One Atom at a Time. [via moreover]
6:51:20 PM Scientist: 2 gunmen involved in JFK assassination. “Thomas said based on an analysis of echoes on acoustic recordings from the Dallas police radio channels at the time of the shooting, there was a 96.3 percent chance that a shot was fired by a second person on the knoll.”
1:58:18 PM  

Tom von Alten’s translation of the MS HailStorm whitepaper: “All HailStorm services are XML Web services, which permits us to wave the banner of ‘open industry standards’ even as we restrict key portions of the technology and require everyone to come to us, to bargain with us, to compromise for our benefit.”
12:54:55 PM  

Tony Hong just added Frontier 7.0b26 / Radio UserLand 7.0 to the matrix on the the XMethods Interop Lab. [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
2:29:35 AM  

Happy 33rd, Brent!
12:57:24 AM  

XML-RPC fans, check this out: Meerkat XML-RPC Interface Test-Suite. [Rael Dornfest]
12:52:56 AM  

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I just fixed some SOAP interop problems, and re-ran the test matrix from last night. Here are the new results. (Note the addition of Frontier 7.0b26 to the test matrix.) [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
10:55:37 PM  

CNET Tech News: Adobe to unveil 3-D software. The desktop publishing giant’s Atmosphere lets Web designers create 3-D Web pages where visitors can interact and chat with each other in real-time.
10:53:51 PM  

NASA’s Earth Observatory: Giant Crack Spotted in Antarctic Glacier
10:51:26 PM  

I finished implementing the server-side of the XMethods interop test suite, and Frontier passed! Of course, it only proves that Frontier can interop with itself, but now people can start testing against Frontier’s SOAP-server implementation, using the same calls that the other services on the XMethods Interop Lab page use.

Here are the test results. [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
8:03:30 PM  

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Tomorrow is the first anniversary of ManilaPalooza. Here are some links: Dave, Duncan, Jeff, Stewart, Susan, Wes… oh, and me.
10:46:04 PM  

I posted this earlier on Jake’s SOAP Journal: “Can we transport XML-RPC encoded data over SOAP? I think so.” Is this a Mind-Bomb? Dave thinks so.
10:31:27 PM  

The first in a continuing series: Dave’s SOAP Journal, part 1. [Scripting News]
7:32:00 PM  

The cruelty of compassionate conservatism. Bush hacks at programs to aid children, leaving the battered, the ill and the poor behind. []
7:31:40 PM  

Strong Quake Hits Japan, Two Dead. []
2:53:53 AM Word of the Day: vagary.
12:55:03 AM  

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Here’s 35-minutes of Scoble and Levin, talking about why “blogging,” a new and addictive activity, might spell the end of Web publishing as we know it. [scobleizer]
10:42:11 PM  

SF Gate: Assembly begins probing natural gas price spikes. “Natural gas that sells for $5.25 elsewhere sells for nearly $30 at the California border…” (via EchoFactor)
6:59:49 PM  

Aaron: “It turns out he was just playing Y-A Rolling Stones hit, but for a few brief, terrifying moments I could swear he was playing Dirk Diggler’s Feel My Heat.” <– Click that link — really. ;->
3:19:14 PM  

Claude Bullard on Web Philosophy: “Thou shalt not deploy anything that has not been deployed before you deploy except if said deployment shall slow the deployment of the fastest among you.” [Scripting News]
1:48:24 PM  

Working on SOAP interop? The SOAP Interoperability Lab @ XMethods
1:43:58 PM  

Salon for Sale? Story Denied. The Salon rumor mill is churning again, this time about its purported willingness to weigh a takeover bid. That’s just not true, its editor says, but this is the Internet, where the truth often has nothing to do with it. By Aparna Kumar. [Wired News]
12:57:31 PM  

Motorola to Lay Off 4,000 More. The layoffs – the second round this month, for the world’s No. 2 maker of mobile phones – focus on the networks sector. [TheStandard]
12:57:19 PM  

Tito remains confident he will fly to ISS. “American millionaire Dennis Tito said Thursday he still believes Russia will include him on a crew of a Soyuz spacecraft that will fly to the International Space Station at the end of April.” []
12:57:02 PM Bush defends Russian expulsions
12:37:38 PM  

Red Hat stems Red Ink. Almost, nearly, just about breaking even [The Register]
2:59:38 AM  

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Some interesting directory listings on /SPECIALS/1997/, -/1998/, -/1999/, -/2000/, and -/2001/. (I didn’t think I’d find directory listings on their servers at all.)
11:20:58 PM  

Jake’s SOAP Journal: Keith Ballinger posted a list of MUSTs and MUST NOTs from the SOAP spec. This should be very useful.
7:45:53 PM  

What is Mad Dow Disease?
5:49:47 PM  

Jake’s SOAP Journal
5:39:32 PM  

There are now 41 SOAP 1.1 implementations. [Scripting News]
5:38:52 PM In-Depth Special – Mir Falls To Earth
5:38:33 PM  

Frontier News: Stories and Pictures pages on Manila sites are now kinder to the server; at the same time, minor performance optimizations were made, including caching member’s names since they’re so frequently repeated on these pages.
5:37:30 PM  

Jeff: “I love Glenn Fleishman’s monsterous arrogance. His glass is definitely half full. So is mine.”
5:36:59 PM  

Microsoft warns of hijacked certificates. “VeriSign issues two digital certificates in the software giant’s name that could allow viruses and malicious programs to pose as legitimate patches and updates.” [CNET Tech News]
2:08:16 PM  

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