Month: April 2001

Salon: Nothing but spin. “Bush assures us that he “cares deeply” about the environment, but his administration’s green-washing is so thin it’s transparent.”
4:55:58 PM  

Jeff Cheney: “I’ve just been informed that, as of the end of the day tomorrow, my position as Intranet Application Engineer at Standard Media International (a.k.a. The Industry Standard) will be eliminated . Try as they might (and they tried pretty damn hard) they can no longer justify my salary given the downsizing of the company (currently at 260 employees from a high of 500).”
1:29:31 PM  

DaveNet: Strategy Tax.
12:44:51 PM  

Wired News: It’s (Cyber) War: China vs. U.S.. Chinese hackers have fired the first shots on U.S. websites, making good on widely announced promises. Now some U.S. hackers are seeking revenge. By Michelle Delio.
12:44:38 PM  

Dave: “I had to explain that he’s not really a doctor, and then Lee said she isn’t either, and I admitted the same was true for me. We all had a good laugh and went on with our dinner.”
11:05:29 AM  

BBC: Pioneer 10 phones home. Nasa re-establishes contact with the Pioneer 10 spacecraft after almost eight months of silence.
11:03:49 AM  

BBC: Space tourist reaches station. The International Space Station welcomes Dennis Tito, the world’s first space tourist, as a Russian Soyuz mission docks.
11:03:32 AM  

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The Register: Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers. “We always thought ‘compliant’ had decidedly negative connotations, as in: ‘a spineless, compliant little boot-licker’. Leave it to Microsoft to sell submissiveness as a virtue. “
11:54:58 PM  

Scripting News: “Watch Craig Burton work.”
11:50:14 PM  

AthenaDoc.Com: “I spent a day at an elite (or elitist) meeting of biomedical researchers this weekend… I had to leave when one of my colleagues offered "Help" in a manner that was so patronizing and offensive that I knew I could no longer contain myself…”
11:49:27 PM  

Wes: “I’m supposed to be planning my US tour. I knew there was something.”
7:53:23 PM  

Simon Fell: “More SOAP woes. How many more nightmare’s like this are lurking around. I think the S in SOAP no longer stands for Simple but for Schema’s”
7:52:46 PM  

CNN: Guitarist Eddie Van Halen confirms he has cancer.
7:52:03 PM Word of the Day: patrician.
3:08:33 AM  

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Nando: Business: settles lawsuits against former president.
10:29:47 PM  

Eric S. Raymond and John Cowan: The Retrocomputing Museum.
6:41:09 PM Hey, NASA, quit hoggin’ space!. “It’s time to share the universe. Dennis Tito ranks with John Glenn. He’s a pioneer, leading the way in bringing space down to earth.” This may be overstating Tito’s importance a bit, but whatever – more power to him!
6:40:02 PM  

Wes: “I know there’s something I should be doing today, but I just haven’t figured it out yet.”
6:37:28 PM Soyuz lifts off on historic flight. “Tito told ground controllers shortly after achieving orbit that he felt good.”
2:09:39 AM  

CNN: Bush’s daughter cited for alcohol possession. “The president’s children do have Secret Service protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Secret Service spokesman Eric Harnischfeger told CNN, “We are not going to condone any violations of the law.” The White House declined to comment.
2:08:23 AM  

Scripting News: “The Hero Machine is very cool.” Indeed it is.
2:08:04 AM  

CNET VC watch: This week’s funding wins. ScanSoft gets a $5 million investment from its largest institutional investor…Atlas Venture raises $950 million for a new venture fund…VistaScape Technology receives a $12 million round.
2:07:31 AM  

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Comments closed The drug war goes to college. “What kind of vindictive social agenda could lead to a law that denies financial aid to a student convicted of smoking a joint but not one convicted of rape, murder, arson or armed robbery?”
11:49:08 PM  

Jake’s XML-RPC Weblog: “I just posted test results for Paul Kulchenko’s XMLRPC::Lite 0.50. It passes everything except the struct and structArray tests. This brings the number of XML-RPC interop testing participants to eight.” Paul tells me structs are fixed; results page to be updated very soon…
2:40:48 PM  

Brent: “Honest uncomplicated pleasures are hard to come by in the year 2001. When you’ve found one, don’t let go. Pleasure is a human need.”
2:39:47 PM  

BBC: Russian Soyuz capsule up for sale. A used Russian Soyuz space capsule goes on sale with the owners looking for at least $2m.
2:39:21 PM  

Family Complains About Dead Passenger. (via W6 Daily)
2:38:57 PM Does the U.S. spy too much?. In the wake of the spy plane flap with China, experts propose international rules of order that would limit excessive espionage.
2:38:23 PM  

Jeff: “I don’t think $1 million is enough for what Sandra Perry went through…”
2:38:00 PM  

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CNET: iMotors shutters site. The online car retailer has run out of gas, according to a note posted on its Web site, becoming the latest online car site to shut down.
8:12:17 PM  

CNN: U.S. crew unable to destroy all secrets on surveillance plane.
8:12:05 PM Here’s to you, Ms. Robinson. “I’m smitten with the host of ‘Weakest Link.'” I’m not.
4:11:08 PM  

BBC: Dinosaur was covered in feathers. A new fossil suggests that some dinosaurs were covered in feathers that evolved long before they were used for flight.
1:51:15 PM  

CNET: Chernobyl virus set to wake up. Known as CIH, or the more dire-sounding Chernobyl, the virus first hit a month after the Melissa virus three years ago and is due to strike again Thursday.
1:50:15 PM  

The Register: Microsoft security fixes infected with FunLove virus. “Is this the worst security screw up ever?”
12:27:45 PM  

BBC: Why elephants don’t forget. A study of African elephants reveals that dominant females build up a social memory as they get older, helping the herd to survive.
12:27:26 PM  

Thought Log: “I was going to write something here that was cool, but I forgot what it was. I’ll fill it in when I remember it. Watch this space.”
1:50:54 AM  

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CNET: Cisco’s Chambers cuts salary to $1. The company’s chief executive cuts his salary to $1 in order to save a few jobs at Cisco Systems, which is in the midst of laying off up to 8,500 employees.
10:42:35 PM  

SF Gate: Fired Cisco exec charged with fraud.
10:42:22 PM  

The Register: Apple Powerbook is not airport ‘ bomb’. Owner ‘very drunk’, something in the bag
10:42:04 PM  

CNET: Wake-up call. Cell phone makers are learning the relatively unfamiliar realm of software the hard way.
10:41:54 PM  

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Wall Street Journal via Hack the Planet: Start-up adds locks to media files. Proof that everything repeats, the next big thing in copy protection is now dongles. Ho hum.
8:55:29 PM  

Wired: Gates Wealth Second to Walmart. Who is the world’s richest man? It’s not Bill Gates, according to a British newspaper’s annual rich list.
8:53:36 PM  

Jeff: “What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about?” Indeed…
8:53:00 PM  

CNN: Gunmen storm Turkish hotel.
2:21:03 AM Word of the Day: rapprochement.
2:20:10 AM  

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Comments closed Secure-Music Group Threatens Researchers Who Plan to Publish on Hacking Success. “The SDMI invited challenges to its technology to prevent unauthorized copying, but now it says academics who took part could be taken to court if they explain what they did.” Gotta love “Freedom of Speech”.
11:50:34 PM  

CNET: Perlman’s Rearden Steel raises $67 million. Two years after leaving Microsoft and his struggling brainchild WebTV, Steve Perlman scores one of the largest Series A funding rounds in history. There’s still money out there…
10:34:49 PM  

CNN: Nigeria prepares to host African AIDS summit.
10:34:24 PM Word of the Day: undulant.
3:14:27 AM  

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AthenaDoc.Com: “Remember meteors at the Vineyard, Jake?” Of course I do.
9:42:35 PM  

Via Evhead: Kung Fu stick figures in Flash.
7:44:31 PM  

Salon: Bush to once-busted students: Do as I say. The ban on college aid to those convicted of drug charges is arbitrary — and has more than a whiff of hypocrisy.
6:51:19 PM  

Wired: Bush Daughter Off Limits Online. Yale University forces a student newspaper to delete an article on the president’s daughter. So much for free speech.
6:50:54 PM  

BBC: UN debates Kyoto future. International environment ministers are meeting in New York to discuss how a deal on climate change can be salvaged after the US pullout.
6:50:14 PM  

CNN: U.S. criticized on climate change.
6:49:42 PM  

BBC: Space tourist ‘cleared for take-off’. Reports from the US indicate that Nasa has agreed in principle to allow a businessman to become the first paying space tourist.
3:06:42 AM Word of the Day: teetotaler.
3:06:24 AM  

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