Month: June 2001

CNN: Milosevic on suicide watch. “The former Yugoslav president [is] under round-the-clock observation to ensure he is not taken ill or attempts to take his own life — as both his parents did.”
10:18:24 PM  

Salon: Gay “Trek”. “According to the script, Guinan was supposed to start telling Lal, ‘When a man and a woman are in love …’ and in the background, there would be men and women sitting at tables, holding hands,” Arnold says. “But Whoopi refused to say that. She said, ‘This show is beyond that. It should be “When two people are in love.”‘ And so it was decided on set that one of the tables in the background should have two men holding hands — or two women, or whatever. But someone ran to a phone and made a call to the production office and that was nixed. [Producer] David Livingston came down and made sure that didn’t happen.”
7:01:28 PM  

Ananova: Winner wont claim $1m prize due to hoax fear.
6:59:36 PM  

PhysicsWeb: Nanotubes are the new superconductors.
6:58:50 PM  

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Wes: “By popular demand, Sun un-canceled their Solaris source code program.”
9:25:35 PM  

Frontier News: “About tables in XML has some examples of tables in XML, and sample scripts you can run in your QuickScript window.”
4:18:11 PM  

Check out the picture on this page. What on Earth were they thinking?
4:10:41 PM  

BBC: Stalagmite has climate warning. “There were dramatic changes in the amount of radioactive carbon swirling around in the Earth’s atmosphere during the last Ice Age, far greater than previously thought, scientists have found. “
4:08:12 PM  

CNN: Court rules U.S. broke rights laws. “The world court has ruled the U.S. ignored the international legal rights of two German-born brothers who were executed for murder. Germany had accused the U.S. of breaking the Vienna Convention by not telling the pair that they had the right to assistance from the German consular.”
4:07:06 PM Webvan investors OK reverse stock split. “Webvan shareholders voted Friday to implement a 25-to-1 reverse stock split in hopes of keeping the company’s shares listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market.”
4:05:40 PM  

trained monkey: “how to put amazon out of business: buy two of these. free shipping. if you’re feeling rich, buy two of these instead.”
4:04:04 PM  

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Frontier News: New verbs for Frontier and Radio: table.tableToXml and table.xmlToTable convert tables to XML and back to tables. Here’s the spec for Frontier tables in XML.
11:30:40 PM  

Simon Fell: “It appears the .NET beta 2 SOAP doesn’t support multi-dim arrays, I hope they’re planning on addressing this, otherwise we’re all wasting our time.”

soap:Client : Server was unable to read request. --> There is an error in XML document (8, 31). --> SOAP-ENC:arrayType with multidimensional array found at <input2DStringArray xmlns=''>. Only single-dimensional arrays are supported. Consider using an array of arrays instead.

11:30:05 PM  

CNN has a page of key facts about the War Crimes Tribunal.
11:28:35 PM  

The Register: Apple to buy PowerPC from Motorola? “Apple [may be] set to wrest control of the PowerPC platform away from long-time partner Motorola through a clause in its agreement with the chip maker that allows it to buy Motorola’s PowerPC assets for $500 million next year.” [via Hack the Planet]
11:27:12 PM  

BBC: Designer cat controversy. “Allergy-proof cats could be the next genetically modified animals to be born.”
11:11:45 PM  

Not mincing words, here’s a headline from The Register: “Judge Jackson is a big fat idiot
11:10:58 PM Word of the Day: peremptory.
11:09:11 PM  

500 ways to annoy your roommate.
11:06:04 PM  

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If you like tall ships, David Rogers has a picture for you.
8:04:55 PM  

ESA: Hint of planet-sized drifters bewilders Hubble scientists. “Piercing the heart of a globular star cluster with its needle-sharp vision, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered tantalising clues to what could potentially be a strange and unexpected population of wandering, planet-sized objects.”
6:03:15 PM  

CNN: Once mighty Rio Grande now a trickle. “Once a navigable waterway that swelled under bridges and made fertile an otherwise dry coastal plain, the river becomes a mere trickle before it gets to the Gulf of Mexico, disappearing about 300 feet short of its destination in a big expanse of sand.”
6:02:42 PM  

ZDNN: Microsoft faces second patent claim. “Microsoft has been busy trying to lure big-name record companies with its multimedia plans, telling them its Windows Media Player contains strong anti-piracy features. However, the InterTrust suit could dampen those plans if a court rules against Microsoft and forces it to disable some parts of its digital rights technology.” [via Tomalak’s Realm]
3:28:23 PM  

BBC: Strange glows on Jupiter moon. Red and blue dancing glows were seen on Jupiter’s moon Io during a recent flyby.
3:22:52 PM  

The Register: MS to blow imaginary $1bn on hyping WinXP to stardom. “You see, dear reader, this sort of money is not real; you could maybe refer to it as fluffybucks.”
3:19:30 PM  

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Wait a minute… What are those CalTech people doing with that four-ton obelisk?
11:43:50 PM  

George Hupka has a list of the worst Country song titles: everything from “All My Exes Live In Texas” to “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly”.
8:04:57 PM  

Three new Themes for Manila sites: Slab-Red, Slab-Green and Slab-Blue.
4:28:05 PM  

Wired: San Angelo, Texas: Home of Spies. “Spies flock to this West Texas town like flies. They train here, they spy here, they retire here, they die here. Of course, nobody will tell you that, officially.”
3:03:37 PM  

This confuses me.
2:58:41 PM  

AAJA: F***king Headlines: News organizations struggle with expletive in popular Web site’s name. [via Hack the Planet]
2:57:17 PM  

Anna Quindlen: Playing God On No Sleep. “But between the women who cannot have children and sometimes stare at our double strollers grief-stricken, and the grandmothers who make raising eight or 10 sound like a snap and insist we micromanage and overanalyze, there is no leave to talk about the dark side of being a surrogate deity, omniscient and out of milk all at the same time.”
2:50:30 PM  

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Comments closed Word of the Day: oblation.
12:55:01 AM  

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BBC: Back to the future for Atari games. Classic arcade games could soon be resurrected on future mobile phones.

Unfortunately, “current generations of phones will not be able to get hold of and run the games. Those keen to play them may have to invest in a new gadget to relive their adolescence.” Drat!
3:14:27 AM Word of the Day: mephitic.
3:12:32 AM  

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CNN: Truck driver runs wild at California airport. “The wreckage of the truck which was hauling ceramic toilet parts was strewn across the main runway at Long Beach Airport, forcing authorities to divert air traffic to a secondary runway.” Remind me again why I don’t live in LA…
10:22:26 PM  

Jeff: “With that kind of money I think I could afford to be stupid. At least for a little while…”
10:19:23 PM  

CNN: Bizarre legal drama at air show. “The attempted seizure was just the latest chapter in the dispute between Russia and Noga, which says Moscow owes it $62 million from oil-for-food deals signed in 1991, the year the Soviet Union dissolved, and 1992.”
8:42:17 PM  

DaveNet: Don’t Be A Deer. “When past adversaries have lost to Microsoft it’s because they let Microsoft call the shots. They waited for the dust to settle, and by the time that happened, their products were dead, their customers had moved on, and no one cared what they wanted.”
2:32:53 PM  

The Straight Dope: Who was the stupidest U.S. president? “Let’s put the question bluntly: Is George W. Bush the stupidest person ever to serve as U.S. president? If not, who is?”
1:52:15 PM  

Ananova: Sculptor admits cathedral angel is Bob Dylan
1:47:03 PM Word of the Day: bloviate. “Anyone who has ever spent an idle morning watching the Washington talk shows has probably wondered: how did these people become entitled to earn six-figure salaries bloviating about the week’s headlines?”
1:41:21 AM  

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trained monkey: “if, as john lennon says, ‘life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans,’ what is it that happens when you’re not making plans?”
6:59:30 PM  

SF Gate (AP): “Veteran bluesman John Lee Hooker, whose foot stompin’ and gravelly voice on songs like ‘Boom Boom’ and ‘Boogie Chillen’ electrified audiences and inspired generations of musicians, died Thursday. He was 83”

I wonder if his club will remain open? I played a few gigs there last year. The front booth was permanently reserved, just in case he happened to show up…
5:26:17 PM  

From the Big Brother department:
Car spy pushes privacy limit (ZDNet),
Fox Ads Not So “Devine” (E! Online),
Windows XP requires a Passport (CNET),
Satellites help feds win false farming claims (CNN),
CIA says it can’t keep up with hackers (CNET).

Gee, I wonder who else is re-writing my websites, reading my email, tracking what I purchase, brainwashing me, monitoring my location, or keeping an eye on what’s planted in my back yard via spy-sattelite?
3:34:37 PM  

Brent has a simple how-to on turning off Smart Tags.
3:34:03 PM  

David Rogers: “When I get home, I’m going to stop using IE and Outlook Express. It’s long past time to rid ourselves of this menace… I expected MS to be somewhat cowed by its near-death experience at the hands of the Justice Department. Instead, it seems more brazen than ever…”
3:32:37 PM  

John Robb: “Whenever you hear someone say, ‘but I am a not for profit and that makes me more credible.’ Leave the room and hold onto your wallet.”
3:28:12 PM  

CNET: Dell CEO expects more dot-coms to fail. “The head of the world’s largest PC manufacturer says he sees more dot-com firms collapsing amid fierce competition before the computer technology sector stabilizes.” Duh.
3:27:26 PM  

“Why would someone take their 3-year-old daughter to the park and attack Cookie Monster?”
3:26:15 PM  

Those looney Finns.
3:24:48 PM  

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