Monday, January 3, 2000

  • I called for DSL today. They’re backordered, so I have to wait until the 12th for them to hook it up, but then I’ll have my own full-time ‘net connection. Hmmmm- what flavor of server to run? Mac? NT? Linux? (How well does Frontier run under Linux right now?)
  • Woohoo!! I the sofa-sleeper and love-seat showed up today! They even carried them up to the third floor for me!!!
  • I spent a large part of the day sorting out old hard-drives. The dilemma at this moment is what to do with 70MB of old email which I’ll probably never look at again, but which I don’t have the heart to throw away. Speaking of which, I found this:

May 24, 1996
My fear is that if I don’t get on that plane, I’ll have missed out on one of the most important possibilities of my life- and that if I do, I’ll just get rejected and feel worse than before. How to deal with this… How to reconcile this kind of inner conflict? Is is possible?

  • JAHOO! made the top 100 ETP sites today. I’m not quite sure why- there’s not much there except a ripped-off look and feel, and my bookmarks list…
  • My couch arrives tomorrow!!! YAY! I’ll finally have something to sit on in my living room!
  • I’m watching Spielberg’s first film on TNT right now: Duel, a great low-budget film from 1971.
  • I can see that my dad hasn’t taken up the challenge of Maybe he should be spammed?

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