Wednesday, January 5, 2000

  • Ok, I’m getting custom data into and out of the discussion group messages. The data is only added when a message is a story, but it’s not deleted if the story is demoted. Next I need to customize the story-reader and message-reader so that they show me the extra info in a reasonable format.
  • The Macworld Expo starts today in San Francisco. Steve Jobs is the keynote speaker.
  • I think I understand how I can make Manila into the editorial system I need for Macworld. I need some extra data associated with each story, like whether to and what to use for a sidebar, and some special bits of data for reviews. I’m using the mainResponder callbacks to get the data into the messages in the discussion group, and I’m overriding the edit message and post message scripts in the websites to get the extra form elements. This seems pretty flexible, though a bit cumbersome. It would be really cool if there were a builtin way to extend the discussion group’s data fields, in a similar way to how user preferences are extensible in a vanilla Manila site. (Are you listening Dave?)
  • I’m watching Instinct right now. It looks pretty interesting so far after the first ten minutes.

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