Thursday, January 6, 2000

  • I’ve started a page with pictures of the Macworld Expo.
  • There’s another page for pictures I took at the Mac the Knife party:
  • I got a call for a gig at the Paradise Lounge, and hopefully I’m gonna do it. It’s pending verification that I don’t have a schedule conflict. Update: They already found another bassist, and he brought a drummer with him. Oh well.
  • I’m headed over to the Macworld Expo In a little while with my camera. I’ll put some pictures up here later tonight. I’ll also be going to the Mac The Knife party at Slims late this evening, and I’ll bring the camera there too. Rumor has it that Steve Jobs was invited.
  • I’m going to start mirroring news from Jahoo! on the Brainpan today. It’s not automated syndication, but maybe it will make the Brainpan a little more interesting. Here ya go:



Gore, Bradley trade sharp words on health care, campaign finance


Hopefuls Line Up to Challenge Russia’s Putin

The Register

LinuxPPC readies retail release

BBC News

Crash jet contained depleted uranium

Mars Probe May Have Broken Apart

  • I rearranged the Sally’s Art homepage so that you can see more pictures at once. Its navigation was getting a bit convoluted.

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