Monday, January 10, 2000

  • Dave’s got an adaptation of Alan German’s ftp fileWriter verbs up for review. They’re going to live at tcp.ftp. This is really cool, and it will help me to get pages from the Macworld staging server to the live server.
  • I’ve talked with Jeff Cheney about my change of direction with regard to Macworld content management, and he agrees. The site is just too big to use a linear system to organize it, though there are some features of Manila that got us thinking about cool things we could do if we have our own table renderer with “add a page” and “add a folder” buttons, assuming we left flAllowDirectoryListings set to true on the staging server.
  • Ok, now I’m rethinking the editor for the Macworld Manila site. I’m finding pages on the Macworld site that do things like have multiple ratings in one article. What’s more, the article in question isn’t even a review. It’s a feature… But it’s also a sidebar?!? Hello guys, what are you thinking?
  • Has anyone seen the Dancing Hamsters on TV? Commercialism at its finest.;): Smile!
  • Can you believe the AOL purchase of Time Warner? I wonder what kinds of conflicts of interest this will create.
  • I’d love a way to place the calendar where I want it. Right now, the calendar is in an OK place on this page, but the rest of the column below it is just blank. I’d like to be able to just put
    Macro neutered: “calendar”

    in my template, and place the thing wherever. This would also be great for Jahoo! because I could put the calendar on the page without blasting the Yahoo! look and feel.

  • Now I’m told that I should be able to use the
    Macro neutered: “calendar”

    macro, but I couldn’t get it to work before. Let’s try again:

    Macro neutered: “calendar”

    (Nope, it didn’t work.)



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