Saturday, January 15, 2000

  • I just registered and with They should be working tomorrow, or at least by Monday.
  • I’m playing at Skips Tavern on Cortland Avenue in San Francisco tonight. Stop by! (We played there last night too.) Update: All done with the gig- it went well! We were all having fun, and our dynamics were really good. I went home with a good feeling.;): Smile!
  • I’m working on figuring out how to set up DNS at home. I guess I need to choose a domain name, but unfortunately all the ones I wanted are taken already. Humph.
  • I ordered dinner from tonight, and though it was relatively painless, I think that there were too many steps to go through. It would have been easier to order on the phone. Now that I have a login, maybe it won’t be do difficult.
  • …Which brings me to this: It would be nice if there were an open-standard for transmitting personal information to remote websites with one button click. Sites that were enabled for this could update the information on your own machine, for example, when you haven’t entered data for a particular field, and then other websites you visit in the future could have access to information you’ve already input (with the user’s consent, of course). I seem to spend a lot of my time entering this information into CGIs over and over again.

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