Monday, January 17, 2000

  • I just registered It’s a cool name, no?
  • My domain came online. I’ve put my former weblog, J-Space there, which used to live at but which I had to abandon for a couple of months after leaving Sonic Solutions. I discovered something interesting. JenniCAM has given way to content-rot. See what I wrote about Lawyers and Content Rot.
  • By the way, if you see any broken links on J-Space, let me know.
  • I’m learning all ins and outs of DNS. I’ve got my own primary and secondary DNS servers running now, but I know very little about how to use them. The incentive was to enable use of virtual hosting in Frontier. As a side note, it’s cool that sets up DNS for you, but it would be nice if they had more instruction about running your own name servers.
  • Still working on DNS. I seem to have successfully changed to point at my IP, but can I point more domains at the same IP? We’ll see. I’m working on getting and my newest,, to point to those IPs as well. It’s laborious. Apparently I can’t do this. I’m going to try pointing them all at ns1/
  • Sally and I went to Flax art supply store today, and get a mattboard cutter, some more paints and a bunch of mattboards, so we can mount matt the paper pieces for her showing. We also got some film so we could make pictures to take around to cafes that display art for sale. Then we need frames and business cards. We had no idea how expensive this stuff is.

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