Tuesday, February 22, 2000

  • I just got done with a meeting between Mac Publishing production and editorial staff, and a representative from Interwoven. They demoed TeamSite, which is a browser-based content management system. It’s got what looks like pretty sophisticated versioning, three-way diffs and merges, meta-data, a filesystem gateway, and hooks to web-design apps. What appears to be missing is image lookups, and a glossary-like link dereferencing system, which Frontier has had for years. It’s hard to believe they missed that. It’s all implementable, but who wants to hack yet another content-management system to make it useable by non-HTML people? UserLand should take a look, though, if nothing else but for their idea of work-areas, versioning, editions and merging. It’s like Perforce for websites as far as I can tell.
  • Scripting News on the weblogs.com hotlist:

    Eighteen sites
    [update from S.N.- twenty-three] [update from Brainpan: twenty-five, and I need a macro for this;): Smile!] are pointing to the hotlist now. “Watching them watch us watching them.”

    That’s enough to get it on the hotlist, so tomorrow it will be watching them watch us watching them watching us watching them. You get the idea.

    It’s already happening…

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