Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Brent, and Dave are all meeting at Dave’s house this week. I’ll be down there next Tuesday to talk about updating the image uploading interface and image organization in Manila. I’ll be spending part of the weekend, and Monday specing this thing out. Then Tuesday we’ll rip it apart.;): Smile!

Trouble with Userland’s internet connection. The Conxion-hosted sites seem to be the only ones that were totally unreachable. The problem seems to have been fixed now, which is good, because I need to get to some docs on the DG, which were’nt available an hour ago. Also, ETP and Weblogs.com seem to be happy again.

I created yet another manila site (YAMS!) at weblogs.com. The major difference there seems to be speed. It’s really fast compared to ETP. There’s nothing there yet, and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.

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