Day: <span>March 23, 2000</span>

Just when PacBell gets their act together with the Userland sites, they drop the ball with my DSL. Nobody can see J-Space or any other service on my LAN at home. Yeesch!

Now I’ve only got 46 bugs at Sonic;): Smile!

Ok. I’ve figured it out.;): Smile!

Userland (that includes me at this point) is playing on my addiction to both EditThisPage and the discussion group. Just like a little baby, if you give it what it wants all the time, it never cries. If you never give it what it wants, it also never cries.

If you sometimes give it what it wants, and sometimes don’t (in as unpredictabe a fashion as you can), you’ll find yourself with the most tearful baby on Earth…

I want my EditThisPage!!! Waaaaah!!!

Phew… It’s back now…

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