Friday, March 24, 2000

My DSL line is happy again. It started working again sometime late this afternoon, and it’s been up since. Yay!;): Smile!

I’m way psyched about tomorrow! It’s going to be fun! Not to mention that I’ll get to meet Brent and for the first time.

I completed the docs for Mac Publishing’s Frontier-based online production system last night. Guess what- it’s a Manila website running on their intranet! They’re going to buy TeamSite from Interwoven, primarily because I’m leaving for Userland. Aah the irony!

My PacBell DSL was up for a few hours this morning, but it’s down again. I’m writing this from my desk at work on my last day of employment at Mac Publishing. Tasks for the day include cleaning personal stuff of my hard disk, moving some work I’ve been doing onto a server that others can access (though they probably won’t), and packing personal items into a box. Guess that means I have to find a box.

We’re about to go out for a goodbye lunch for Jason Warner and myself. He’s an online production guy whose last day is also today. Steaks- yum!

I forgot my camera at home. Damn!

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