Saturday, March 25, 2000

I’m editing this page in Pike. I had a problem though: I set up Jeremy Bowers’ Manila Express for Netscape on IE5 for my Mac. I used it to create the link below about theft of Gates’ identity. But when I hit the Pike button later on, that text wasn’t in the page. I have no idea why. The same thing happens when I edit in the browser first. Hmmm.

Pike is going to be great for maintaining Jahoo!. The template on that site is way too big and complex to edit in a browser. Maybe I’ll start doing updates again.;): Smile!

Yesterday was Manila Palooza!

Manila Palooza Sign:
(Click the sign to enter.)

Susan Kitchens posted her own set of pictures on 2020 Hindsight.

Jake’s Brainpan – March 26, 2000 (my third-most-read message: “I’m going to be an uncle!!! My brother Pete tells me that he and Laura are having a baby!;): Smile!… I gave notice today at Mac Puclishing. I’m going to work as a programmer for Userland!<bang!/>” “Putin receives 52.5 percent of the vote, is declared winner of Russian presidential election”

Seen on Array: A kid hacks e-commerce sites with Gates’ credit info.

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