Month: <span>March 2000</span>

I took the day off today to visit with my Mom. We went to Sparky’s in the Castro for lunch, and along the way, we picked up Jeff Cheney. Afterwards, we went shopping. Sally bought some new pants, Jeff got his watch battery changed, and then we went to Flax on Market St. for canvasses, paint, brushes, and oragami paper. I took some pictures!

  not spicy noodles thumb:

It’s a not spicy noodles kind of day… Read on.

More pictures! We all went to a jam session in South City, minus Jeff, but adding Marco. Afterwards, mom and I went out and got not spicy noodles or spicy not noodles.

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New survey: What’s your dream job?

I just tried to download my site, cut I got an error: Can’t coerce the string “mysite.root” into a number because it contains non-numeric characters. Why would my site want to be a number? ;): Smile!

Mom’s coming to town tonight. Her flight from Milwaukee to Chicago was cancelled due to bad weather, so she’s bussing that leg, but the flight to San Francisco is only delayed (30 minutes at this point). Update:

Mom at SFO:

Seems like everybody’s sick again. Sally’s on the verge of losing her voice, Ron is out of work today, and the sound of dry hacking is in the air.

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Brent gave me some great comments about my ideas on an image-management plugin. I’ll have to mull them over for a little while.

I’ve been doing more work on my image-management plugin for Manila. I’ve got it mostly spec’ed out (in my mind, at least), and have begun to write code. I love it that I can set up subscriptions for the database, and work on it from anywhere using WebEdit. I’ve been using WebEdit and subscriptions for a while, but it’s worth another mention.

My friend Oliver has a new Manila website running on my experimental Manila ISP server at home. It’s a fledgling project- a work in progress.

At work today, I’ve been working with #security scripts, for the editing interface I’ve been working on for Macworld. It’s almost useable. It runs over the top of the People Suite.

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