Month: <span>March 2000</span>

I’ve posted a statement of my views against Amazon’s patent policy on my member page.

Seen on Amazon’s discussion board:

I am extremely infuriated with Amazon’s decision to sue over this. Did you know you didn’t invent the cookie, and if it took thousands of hours to develop such a simple thing then I encourage amazon to hire better programmers? We need to educated our officials handing out patents and hit the root of the problem, but I plan to boycott amazon, even if it doesn’t make that large of an impact on their bottom line.

This is fun! Between the members pages and the Amazon discussion boards, there’s room a big voice inside Amazon criticizing their patent policies.

One of the founding programmers from is denounces their patent policy: 1-Click (TM) is a simple, logical and obvious use of the cookie system pioneered by Netscape and others. It did not deserve to be patented, and the patent does not deserve legal upholding, let alone enforcement.

Survey: What’s Jake’s big news this week?

I’ve dropped to number 54 on the ETP page reads page. I guess I had my fifteen seconds of fame with Dave’s link on scripting news just when the list started yesterday.

In the meantime, I’m number 35 on the still extant top 100 hits page.

I changed the number of days on the homepage from seven to four. It won’t help me with hits from the ‘bots, but it will make my homepage load faster.

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