Thursday, April 20, 2000

I’m pissed. My DSL line has been down all day (again). I’ve been stuck with my modem. That’s actually not too bad in and of itself, but when I’m connected with the modem, I can’t see other machines on my LAN, and vice versa. It’s a real pain in the ass! 11:39 PM Update: It’s working again — this was an eleven hour outage.

If it’s still down tomorrow, I’ll go in to the office, though I’m not even sure that will help because PacBell tells me all of northern CA’s PacBell-DSL-Internet is down. We use DSL at the office, but I don’t know if it’s PacBell or not.

Tomorrow (or maybe later tonight), I’ve got some more pictures to post. My grandma is in town, and we had a late lunch today. She drove me by the house she and my dad lived in until he was eight. It’s in the outer Mission, only about two miles from here. It’s amazing to me because I grew up in Durham, Seattle, and Kansas City. Both my dad and my grandma now live in Dallas. I didn’t even like San Francisco when I was a kid, but all I ever saw was the Sunset (misnamed because it’s raining or foggy about 75% of the year).

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