Travel Hell in Chicago

I’m in Milwaukee. Been here for about five hours. I left my apartment in San Francisco at 9:45AM this morning after checking email. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I forgot my camera (damn!)… But my day was just begining.

The flight was scheduled to depart at 11:12AM PST. We were running a little bit late (my fault), but not too late. Found parking. Waited for shuttle bus… and waited… and waited…

Stressed. Ok, so there are only 750 people in line to check bags and get seats. There’s no way we’d have made it through that line, so I found a United rep. and managed to get our bag checked… Off to the gate!

What’s this? The board says 12:00 departure? Hmmm. Ok, so there are delays going into Chicago because there’s a huge thunderstorm. Then I talked to mom (who is still in D.C.). Her flight was cancelled, and there aren’t any more until tomorrow morning. Ooookay.

The plane finally left at 12:30, more than an hour late… but that was just the begining: After landing in Chicago (30min after the connecting flight was scheduled to leave), we looked at the board: no more flights to Milwaukee. Double-check with an agent: no more flights to Milwaukee.

So we took the bus from Chicago. It left 90min after we’d arrived, and took two hours to get to Milwaukee.

We still don’t have our bag.

A friend of my mom’s picked us up at the airport in mom’s van, and took us to the house. Then I dropped her at her house and came back. 11:00 local time. Grrrrr. (I’d thought we’d be here by 6:00 local.)

I suppose it could have been much worse. We could have been connecting to somewhere we couldn’t bus to… Like New York or London. All in all, it only took us four hours longer than it should have. ;): Smile!

(The CNN article linked above is from early this month. We weren’t quite that bad off.)

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