AOL’s Edit My Pages falls far short

I got some spam on Friday. Ok, it’s not spam, it’s actually one of the many e-zines I get in email that I hardly ever read… The email describes AOL’s new “Edit My Pages” feature.

Edit My Pages? I’ve heard of Edit This Page, but not this. I decided to try it out.

It was easy to sign up. Acutally I already had a login – my AIM login and password worked.

Things quickly got more difficult. I created a page with their 1-2-3 Publish feature. Ok, it seemed easy, but where did my page go? After I submitted the form, I got a preview, but once I went somewhere else, I couldn’t figure out how to get back. Very frustrating indeed.

In fact, in 25 minutes of puttering around with this thing, I never saw an Edit My Page button like they described on their about page, and I never found the pages I’d created again. They seem to have headed off to the big bit-bucket in the sky. Whatever. I can imagine that many users, especially less experienced ones, would give up in less time than that.

All I can say it was a very unsatisfying experience. It felt more to me like their software was in the way more than anything. I’d rather write the HTML by hand, and post with FTP.

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