Perforce releases new beta of P4Web

If you’re not familiar with Perforce, it’s a multi-platform source code management system (SCM), which is in my opinion, the best in the industry. While it may be slightly short in the UI department on MacOS, P4Web is going to go a long way towards solving that problem.

There are integrated clients for CodeWarrior and MS Visual Studio.

Perforce does sophisticated branch management, rollbacks, labeling, automated change integration and file merging, tree-based permissions, task management, etc. All the good stuff you’d expect to find in an SCM.

But its biggest boon is that it’s FAST. At Sonic Solutions, we used Perforce to manage a code-base with 16,000 base files, and branches that worked out to roughly 100,000 files for God only knows how many million lines of code.

We switched from Projector when we started developing for Windows as well as Macintosh, and never looked back.

If you’re in the market for an SCM system, I strongly recommend you try it out.

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