BBC: China plans worlds deepest lab.
2:22:24 PM  

From the Yeah, right departmend: Satan Killed my Daughter

“According to her father, Norman Blakely, he was playing with his daughter when ‘she suddenly was picked up into the air and a demonic spirit threw her into a table in my living room.'”

2:21:26 PM  

A new look for UserLand.Com.
1:30:26 AM  

evhead: Today I am…
1:30:13 AM  

Important but small changes in the ManilaRPC interface, remove the requirement for base64 encoding and decoding in client apps.
1:29:58 AM Word of the Day: digerati.
1:29:25 AM  

DSR: what did attila the hun look like?. frankly, i have no idea.
1:28:50 AM  

Tip for Radio newbies. If you want your channel choices to be reflected in the Top 100, you must turn on upstreaming.
1:28:32 AM  

NASA Feature: DAAC Study: Where Frogs Live. Feature article discussing the effects of environmental conditions on amphibians.
1:28:02 AM  

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