3/12/2001; 12:24:48 AM

Inside Joke: Pay no attention to the words you’re reading. I’m just updating my weblog so Brent won’t fire me… ;->
8:07:13 PM  

Scripting News: Hey Scoble is interviewing people at the Fawcette Marketing Conference, using his blog… If marketing people discover Manila, watch out. Maybe we’ll get some marketing! Seriously. There’s a lot of hungry Internet marketers out there.”
8:05:15 PM  

Morons.org: Blame the Music: “Let’s place the responsibility anywhere other than on the criminal himself and his guardians who made him what he is.”
8:04:13 PM  

Jeff missed Silicon Summit II: “I was watching The Poseidon Adventure (comparing it to Titanic and thinking about joining the fan club).”
3:35:48 PM  

DaveNet: What is Radio UserLand?
1:03:18 PM  

CNN: Clone doctor risks ban. “The doctor, who became famous for helping a 62-year-old woman give birth, said: ‘Cloning creates ordinary children. They will be unique individuals, not photocopies of individuals.'”
1:00:02 PM  

Wired: Inside Russia’s Hacking Culture. The world’s greatest hackers and crackers live in Russia. That’s the opinion of many security experts, who weren’t surprised by a report claiming over 1 million credit card numbers were lifted from websites by Eastern Europeans last year. By Michelle Delio.
11:32:05 AM  

BBC: Volcanoes on Mars ‘may be active’. Volcanic eruptions on the red planet could have melted ice into water and created conditions capable of sustaining life, say scientists.
11:31:48 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: avuncular.
12:24:48 AM  

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