3/14/2001; 1:01:29 AM

I just wrote a story on the XML-RPC site with four sample scripts, that show you how to edit a Manila site’s home page using SOAP. Here’s a quote from Scripting News:

“We’d like to see two specific projects come from this. An editor that runs on Unix, perhaps emacs or vi, that through Apache, allows a user to create and edit stories and update the home page of a Manila site in the same natural way that Radio works with Manila. The other project is to write a .NET application that allows the CLR to be a great editor for Manila text in the same way…

“All you’ll have to do is emulate the functionality in other scripting environments. Then we’ll have a very important kind of interop, between writers on all these platforms.”

It’s important to note that you can do this with XML-RPC too. You’re not tied to SOAP. The RPC interface to Manila is identical, no matter which protocol you decide to use.
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Salon: Can dry humping get me pregnant? Duh.
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ZDNN: Microsoft nabs scheduling service for .Net. Interesting… [via Tomalak’s Realm]
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Houston Chronicle: X-ray telescope finds heavens brimming with black holes.
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I just subscribed to a bunch of new channels via my Hot List page in Radio, paying special attention to the ones near the bottom of the list.

I found some interesting stuff… (Yes, I’m an Internet catfish)
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Why newbies rock:

“I’m having fun thinking about all the different places I could start managing using Radio. I can start using some of that excess web space on the @Home webserver. I could get off of my butt and make Zope be an upstreaming destination.” Interesting idea!

“With a little work, we could have a small Python program that just copied the files and lets Apache do what [it] does best. Heck, that looks like what UserLand is doing with OurFavoriteSongs, but with Frontier rather than Python.” It is.

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mozllaZine.org: Doomed Engineers: “Several developers have an extremely full workload now and do not have the time to track down the specifics of bugs and ensure that they are in the right place!” Gee, where have I heard that before? (btw, mozllaZine.org is a great site.)
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100 Greatest Album Covers, But No “Smell The Glove” [Plastic]
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I spent most of today at the San Jose Convention Center, attending the
ACM1: Beyond
Cyberspace Exhibition
. I’ve been to many trade shows at the
Convention Center — but this wasn’t just another trade show. [Defenestration Corner]
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Online Privacy Alliance Recommends Against Congress Passing Laws on the Use of Specific Web Technologies [Memepool]
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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: cadge.
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