3/15/2001; 1:01:21 AM

NASA granted the Galileo spacecraft a third and final mission extension Thursday, continuing the mission until August 2003. [spacetoday.net]
6:46:21 PM  

Bush administration says California blackouts inevitable [CNN.com]
3:13:13 PM  

Cisco misrepresents test results. Spin at Borg-central goes into overdrive [The Register]
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A pair of science stories from the BBC: Giant telescopes linked to create a giant interferometer. The International Space Station moves to a higher orbit to avoid the threat of a tool dropped by a spacewalking astronaut.
3:11:24 PM  

Russia to build floating nuclear power plant. [Nando via moreover]
2:13:17 PM  

SF District Attorney Takes Stand Against Medicinal Marijuana Prosecution [Plastic]
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I posted this yesterday, but it’s worth another mention today:

I wrote a story on the XML-RPC site with four sample scripts, that show you how to edit a Manila site’s home page using SOAP. Here’s a quote from yesterday’s Scripting News:

“We’d like to see two specific projects come from this. An editor that runs on Unix, perhaps emacs or vi, that through Apache, allows a user to create and edit stories and update the home page of a Manila site in the same natural way that Radio works with Manila. The other project is to write a .NET application that allows the CLR to be a great editor for Manila text in the same way…

“All you’ll have to do is emulate the functionality in other scripting environments. Then we’ll have a very important kind of interop, between writers on all these platforms.”

It’s important to note that you can do this with XML-RPC too. You’re not tied to SOAP. The RPC interface to Manila is identical, no matter which protocol you decide to use.

12:07:31 PM  

The Register: Apple abandons Cube?
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Dictionary.com Word of the Day: minatory.
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Here’s a set of long-overdue pictures…

We got a new puppy a little over two weeks ago. He likes to eat chew-toys, stuffed animals, and any kind of people-food he can get his paws on, no mater how repulsive. He’s quiet most of the time, but he doesn’t trust strangers, and sometimes he barks at them – especially men.

He’s happy, and healthy. (Let’s hope he stays that way.)

Oh, and by the way, his name is Ryan.
1:01:21 AM  

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