3/16/2001; 12:30:07 PM

What’s up with all the shipwrecks recently? At Least 30 Dead in Caribbean Shipwrecks. [Reuters/NewsBlip]
10:27:55 PM  

Park Wars [Plastic]
7:54:00 PM  

New York Times — Invasion Policy Ignites South Carolina: “‘I’m very concerned about this,’ said one assistant police chief, ‘you have a disagreement in your home, and it escalates, and you kill someone, and then you claim your home was invaded. Is this really where we want to go in society?'” Plastic’s editorial opinion: Apparently it’s where South Carolina wants to go.
7:47:04 PM  

Phillip Winn: “I’ve got Win2K running, and so I started installing the important software applications. One of the very first was Radio Userland, and I’m happy to say that the previous problems that were making it difficult to update this web page have gone away completely. I’m back among the happy RU users again. Woohoo!”
2:22:44 PM  

Three die as jet hijack ends [CNN.com]
12:30:07 PM  

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