3/17/2001; 12:21:04 AM

Arthur Ganson: Machines. The picture at the right is of a picece called Machine with Grease. It doesn’t look like much until you watch it in motion. Arthur’s web site has video of about 30 of his machines. They’re all somehow strangely organic – almost alive. It’s geek-art.
6:23:36 PM  

Morons.Org: Earth to Texas! Equal Protection means that you cannot grant one class of people the privilege to engage in an activity and deny it to another…”
5:32:04 PM  

You find some pretty strange stuff lying around on the sidewalk in San Francisco – at least strange by the standards of your average city.

In June of last year, I picked up a NeXT workstation from a friend who found it on the street.

Last night, the find was an original Macintosh Portable. Here’s what it looks like next to my PowerBook G3.
12:21:04 AM  

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