3/18/2001; 12:48:27 AM

Scripting News: “Sites covering HailStorm: Sheridan, Scobleizer, Dananderson, DotNetWire. And don’t forget to reload Scoble’s most excellent Hailstorm directory…”
11:40:02 PM  

From the how can this be department: An illegal number? [Chin Yoo via Jeff]
11:38:30 PM  

Radio Bug Fixes 03/18/01. [Frontier News]
6:05:58 PM  

For those of us who have yet to do our taxes, here’s the 1040.com form. [via Scobelizer]
2:19:54 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: feckless.
12:48:27 AM  

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