3/19/2001; 12:49:17 AM

Scripting News: “While I am entitled to my opinion as a citizen and a user, as publisher and a maker of publishing tools, the connection to [Microsoft’s] cloud is just too damned interesting to pass up. But hurry up AOL, do the same thing so we can work with yours too.” (emphasis added)
10:19:18 PM  

Robert Scoble, on the ms-hailstorm mailing list: “According to my sources, Microsoft is going to force all Windows XP users to sign up for a Passport before they’ll be able to get on the Internet.”
6:25:03 PM  

SpaceToday.net: “NASA will hold a press conference Tuesday afternoon to discuss an ‘international incident’ that took place Monday when agency officials prevented Dennis Tito from participating in crew training for an upcoming Soyuz flight.”
5:38:26 PM  

Glenn Fleishman: “But let’s just remember, folks: even though Microsoft is rarely, if ever, accused of misusing personal information,… it’s still the company that didn’t know how to properly distribute its own DNS service until a few weeks ago.”
3:13:00 PM  

Let me indulge in a bit of meta-coverage… DaveNet: Weblogs at Work
3:10:33 PM  

Radio press release: “It provides information distribution power that was previously centralized on services like Yahoo and eBay. Radio is as familiar and easy to use as the popular websites, and since the software is running on the user’s desktop, it offers unprecedented performance and security. Having control of your data means that you can easily switch to new services, and your data is safe on your computer under your control.” [Scripting News]
10:47:58 AM  

White paper: Microsoft HailStorm. “Support will also be included for integration between Windows authentication and Passport authentication of users, so that a user logged onto Windows XP will also be logged onto Passport and therefore able to receive their HailStorm services.” [Scripting News]
10:46:43 AM  

Jabber.Org: Integration of full support for XML-RPC and SOAP. [Scripting News]
10:43:19 AM  

Robert Scoble: “This is how Microsoft defined HailStorm to the developers on March 15…”
2:34:18 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: invective.
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