3/20/2001; 12:04:42 AM

Winner declared in hacker-tracker challenge. Sleuth solves 35-min hack in only 35 hours [The Register]
10:06:50 PM  

spacetoday.net: Mir saga becomes bizarre as deorbit day approaches.
12:33:02 PM  

First schizophrenia gene identified. Scientists say they have identified the first schizophrenia gene, which is partly responsible for a severe form of the condition. [BBC News]
12:32:20 PM  

NY Times: Microsoft Confronts Privacy Fears. “Now Microsoft executives said they believe that despite giving computer users unheard-of freedom — at a price — to use their personal data or perform commercial transactions wherever they are, the new system will be more difficult to undermine than today’s networks.” Is that supposed to be reassuring?
12:04:42 AM  

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