3/22/2001; 2:08:16 PM

Some interesting directory listings on CNN.com: /SPECIALS/1997/, -/1998/, -/1999/, -/2000/, and -/2001/. (I didn’t think I’d find directory listings on their servers at all.)
11:20:58 PM  

Jake’s SOAP Journal: Keith Ballinger posted a list of MUSTs and MUST NOTs from the SOAP spec. This should be very useful.
7:45:53 PM  

What is Mad Dow Disease?
5:49:47 PM  

Jake’s SOAP Journal
5:39:32 PM  

There are now 41 SOAP 1.1 implementations. [Scripting News]
5:38:52 PM  

CNN.com: In-Depth Special – Mir Falls To Earth
5:38:33 PM  

Frontier News: Stories and Pictures pages on Manila sites are now kinder to the server; at the same time, minor performance optimizations were made, including caching member’s names since they’re so frequently repeated on these pages.
5:37:30 PM  

Jeff: “I love Glenn Fleishman’s monsterous arrogance. His glass is definitely half full. So is mine.”
5:36:59 PM  

Microsoft warns of hijacked certificates. “VeriSign issues two digital certificates in the software giant’s name that could allow viruses and malicious programs to pose as legitimate patches and updates.” [CNET Tech News]
2:08:16 PM  

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