3/23/2001; 2:59:38 AM

Here’s 35-minutes of Scoble and Levin, talking about why “blogging,” a new and addictive activity, might spell the end of Web publishing as we know it. [scobleizer]
10:42:11 PM  

SF Gate: Assembly begins probing natural gas price spikes. “Natural gas that sells for $5.25 elsewhere sells for nearly $30 at the California border…” (via EchoFactor)
6:59:49 PM  

Aaron: “It turns out he was just playing Y-A Rolling Stones hit, but for a few brief, terrifying moments I could swear he was playing Dirk Diggler’s Feel My Heat.” <– Click that link — really. ;->
3:19:14 PM  

Claude Bullard on Web Philosophy: “Thou shalt not deploy anything that has not been deployed before you deploy except if said deployment shall slow the deployment of the fastest among you.” [Scripting News]
1:48:24 PM  

Working on SOAP interop? The SOAP Interoperability Lab @ XMethods
1:43:58 PM  

Salon for Sale? Story Denied. The Salon rumor mill is churning again, this time about its purported willingness to weigh a takeover bid. That’s just not true, its editor says, but this is the Internet, where the truth often has nothing to do with it. By Aparna Kumar. [Wired News]
12:57:31 PM  

Motorola to Lay Off 4,000 More. The layoffs – the second round this month, for the world’s No. 2 maker of mobile phones – focus on the networks sector. [TheStandard]
12:57:19 PM  

Tito remains confident he will fly to ISS. “American millionaire Dennis Tito said Thursday he still believes Russia will include him on a crew of a Soyuz spacecraft that will fly to the International Space Station at the end of April.” [spacetoday.net]
12:57:02 PM  

CNN.com: Bush defends Russian expulsions
12:37:38 PM  

Red Hat stems Red Ink. Almost, nearly, just about breaking even [The Register]
2:59:38 AM  

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