3/24/2001; 12:55:03 AM

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of ManilaPalooza. Here are some links: Dave, Duncan, Jeff, Stewart, Susan, Wes… oh, and me.
10:46:04 PM  

I posted this earlier on Jake’s SOAP Journal: “Can we transport XML-RPC encoded data over SOAP? I think so.” Is this a Mind-Bomb? Dave thinks so.
10:31:27 PM  

The first in a continuing series: Dave’s SOAP Journal, part 1. [Scripting News]
7:32:00 PM  

The cruelty of compassionate conservatism. Bush hacks at programs to aid children, leaving the battered, the ill and the poor behind. [Salon.com]
7:31:40 PM  

Strong Quake Hits Japan, Two Dead. [NewsBlip.com]
2:53:53 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: vagary.
12:55:03 AM  

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