3/25/2001; 8:03:30 PM

I just fixed some SOAP interop problems, and re-ran the test matrix from last night. Here are the new results. (Note the addition of Frontier 7.0b26 to the test matrix.) [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
10:55:37 PM  

CNET Tech News: Adobe to unveil 3-D software. The desktop publishing giant’s Atmosphere lets Web designers create 3-D Web pages where visitors can interact and chat with each other in real-time.
10:53:51 PM  

NASA’s Earth Observatory: Giant Crack Spotted in Antarctic Glacier
10:51:26 PM  

I finished implementing the server-side of the XMethods interop test suite, and Frontier passed! Of course, it only proves that Frontier can interop with itself, but now people can start testing against Frontier’s SOAP-server implementation, using the same calls that the other services on the XMethods Interop Lab page use.

Here are the test results. [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
8:03:30 PM  

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