3/26/2001; 12:52:56 AM

TheStandard: Snooping on the Couch Potatoes. A watchdog group says TiVo isn’t forthright about how much data it collects and distributes on subscribers’ boob-tube habits.
7:47:40 PM  

New York Times: Computing, One Atom at a Time. [via moreover]
6:51:20 PM  

CNN.com: Scientist: 2 gunmen involved in JFK assassination. “Thomas said based on an analysis of echoes on acoustic recordings from the Dallas police radio channels at the time of the shooting, there was a 96.3 percent chance that a shot was fired by a second person on the knoll.”
1:58:18 PM  

Tom von Alten’s translation of the MS HailStorm whitepaper: “All HailStorm services are XML Web services, which permits us to wave the banner of ‘open industry standards’ even as we restrict key portions of the technology and require everyone to come to us, to bargain with us, to compromise for our benefit.”
12:54:55 PM  

Tony Hong just added Frontier 7.0b26 / Radio UserLand 7.0 to the matrix on the the XMethods Interop Lab. [Jake’s SOAP Journal]
2:29:35 AM  

Happy 33rd, Brent!
12:57:24 AM  

XML-RPC fans, check this out: Meerkat XML-RPC Interface Test-Suite. [Rael Dornfest]
12:52:56 AM  

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