3/30/2001; 12:22:40 AM

Gateway phases out its ISP, Canada stores. The PC maker will effectively terminate Gateway.net by July 31 and has shut all 10 Gateway Country stores in Canada. [CNET]
7:00:49 PM  

Dan Lyke: “If I had the patience to go back and do it again, I’d go to the hardest-to-get-into school I possibly could, and party my ass off, doing just enough work to pass. Get drunk with more professors. See more peers in more compromising positions… Network like crazy.” [Scripting News]

That’s exactly what I did. In fact, the only reason I got my first tech-gig (as an SQA engineer), was because I’d played bass in the same college band as the guy who got me the job.
4:35:03 PM  

scoble: Oh, did you see this in the Register? S+++! Microsoft’s Passport license says “All your data belong to us.”
3:22:32 PM  

TheStandard: Major Labels May License Music to RealNetworks. Warner Music, BMG and EMI are reportedly in talks to offer their content to MusicNet, RealNetworks’ Net-based subscription service.
3:21:04 PM  

Scripting News: “At 9AM we were scheduled to close discussion on the Busy Developer’s Guide, but we pushed it back another 24 hours to get more chance for bug-fixes and buy-in. The new drop-dead date for pushback is 9AM Saturday Pacific.”
1:18:58 PM  

The Motley Fool: The Truth About Credit. Remember that credit isn’t free spending money; it’s a loan with a capital “L.”
1:18:05 PM  

A question for the math-types (unrelated to SOAP): Is it possible to encode the value of pi as a string?
2:19:08 AM  

Why do lots of geeks have beards? They’re too busy to shave. Personally I have a clean face when I’m in maintainence mode, and a beard when I’m locked down, and in crunch mode. Right now, I have a beard.
1:37:53 AM  

Mom: What more could you ask? Companionship, security perhaps. Perhpas I have enough even of that for the present. Off to bed.
1:36:04 AM  

Dave: “I’ve been getting emails like this one all day. It’s great to get the support of web developers and webmasters.”
12:24:51 AM  

A national disgrace. President Bush’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol insults our history, our spirit and our greatness. [Salon.com]
12:24:19 AM  

Organic to Cut 35% of Staff. The Web consultancy says it will hand 300 workers their walking papers and that it might get kicked off the Nasdaq. [TheStandard]
12:23:47 AM  

David Touretzky: Gallery of CSS Descramblers. [Scripting News]
12:22:40 AM  

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