3/31/2001; 3:11:28 AM

A 5 1/2 hour outage on my DSL line just ended. Phew!
8:12:58 PM  

Eric Kidd pledges interop with BDG in C/C++. [Scripting News]
3:23:23 PM  

Simon Fell: “Damn, i should of read this about a month ago.”
3:22:46 PM  

Aaron would consider buying one of these if it had pedals. [A Boy and His Basement]
3:21:41 PM  

The unspeakable Bush. As President Bush announces he won’t hold any more press conferences, a relieved America comes together in gratitude. [Salon.com] Amen. ;->
4:12:12 AM  

Hannes Wallnöfer sets the record straight (again).
3:11:28 AM  

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