Month: <span>April 2001</span>

Salon: Nothing but spin. “Bush assures us that he “cares deeply” about the environment, but his administration’s green-washing is so thin it’s transparent.”
4:55:58 PM  

Jeff Cheney: “I’ve just been informed that, as of the end of the day tomorrow, my position as Intranet Application Engineer at Standard Media International (a.k.a. The Industry Standard) will be eliminated . Try as they might (and they tried pretty damn hard) they can no longer justify my salary given the downsizing of the company (currently at 260 employees from a high of 500).”
1:29:31 PM  

DaveNet: Strategy Tax.
12:44:51 PM  

Wired News: It’s (Cyber) War: China vs. U.S.. Chinese hackers have fired the first shots on U.S. websites, making good on widely announced promises. Now some U.S. hackers are seeking revenge. By Michelle Delio.
12:44:38 PM  

Dave: “I had to explain that he’s not really a doctor, and then Lee said she isn’t either, and I admitted the same was true for me. We all had a good laugh and went on with our dinner.”
11:05:29 AM  

BBC: Pioneer 10 phones home. Nasa re-establishes contact with the Pioneer 10 spacecraft after almost eight months of silence.
11:03:49 AM  

BBC: Space tourist reaches station. The International Space Station welcomes Dennis Tito, the world’s first space tourist, as a Russian Soyuz mission docks.
11:03:32 AM  

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The Register: Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers. “We always thought ‘compliant’ had decidedly negative connotations, as in: ‘a spineless, compliant little boot-licker’. Leave it to Microsoft to sell submissiveness as a virtue. “
11:54:58 PM  

Scripting News: “Watch Craig Burton work.”
11:50:14 PM  

AthenaDoc.Com: “I spent a day at an elite (or elitist) meeting of biomedical researchers this weekend… I had to leave when one of my colleagues offered "Help" in a manner that was so patronizing and offensive that I knew I could no longer contain myself…”
11:49:27 PM  

Wes: “I’m supposed to be planning my US tour. I knew there was something.”
7:53:23 PM  

Simon Fell: “More SOAP woes. How many more nightmare’s like this are lurking around. I think the S in SOAP no longer stands for Simple but for Schema’s”
7:52:46 PM  

CNN: Guitarist Eddie Van Halen confirms he has cancer.
7:52:03 PM Word of the Day: patrician.
3:08:33 AM  

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Nando: Business: settles lawsuits against former president.
10:29:47 PM  

Eric S. Raymond and John Cowan: The Retrocomputing Museum.
6:41:09 PM Hey, NASA, quit hoggin’ space!. “It’s time to share the universe. Dennis Tito ranks with John Glenn. He’s a pioneer, leading the way in bringing space down to earth.” This may be overstating Tito’s importance a bit, but whatever – more power to him!
6:40:02 PM  

Wes: “I know there’s something I should be doing today, but I just haven’t figured it out yet.”
6:37:28 PM Soyuz lifts off on historic flight. “Tito told ground controllers shortly after achieving orbit that he felt good.”
2:09:39 AM  

CNN: Bush’s daughter cited for alcohol possession. “The president’s children do have Secret Service protection 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Secret Service spokesman Eric Harnischfeger told CNN, “We are not going to condone any violations of the law.” The White House declined to comment.
2:08:23 AM  

Scripting News: “The Hero Machine is very cool.” Indeed it is.
2:08:04 AM  

CNET VC watch: This week’s funding wins. ScanSoft gets a $5 million investment from its largest institutional investor…Atlas Venture raises $950 million for a new venture fund…VistaScape Technology receives a $12 million round.
2:07:31 AM  

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