4/3/2001; 12:31:49 AM

Make Your Own Steve Jobs Keynote
11:59:37 PM  

CNET: Tellme cuts 10 percent in strategy shift. The voice portal cuts 29 workers as part of a reorganization plan to focus on business customers rather than consumers.
5:37:17 PM  

Social Security and the big bad bear. Will an imploding stock market kill off plans to privatize our national safety net? [Salon.com]
3:50:03 PM  

Glenn Fleishman: “Dan Gillmor read a rant by Joel Spolsky about misleading direct mail behavior engaged in by Earthlink Networks. Dan followed up with Earthlink and found them unrepetent.” Not surprised here.
2:55:34 PM  

Turning the Tables. A day after 3 big labels scored points for a licensing deal with online firm MusicNet, the recording industry gets grilled in Washington for shutting artists out of negotiations. [TheStandard]
2:54:10 PM  

A random quote seen on Eric Kidd’s xmlrpc-c-devel mailing list: “When you stand on the precipice of change, you have two options: You can plunge down into the depths of despair, or you can discover the fine art of flying.” Seems apropos at the moment, at least to me.
2:58:32 AM  

CNET: eBay changes customer privacy policy. The online auction powerhouse is telling users their personal data would be shared if eBay is bought out or merges with another company. This is what sucks about Hailstorm, and why SOAP interop is important.
12:31:49 AM  

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