4/4/2001; 12:00:41 AM

The Beginning of the End of the End?. As Darwinism weeds out the weakest Web companies, a new report says the worst of the dot-com fallout may have passed. [TheStandard]
6:27:41 PM  

CNN.com: Solar flare biggest ever recorded
1:08:31 PM  

Simon Fell: “Looks like Jake‘s been busy, Frontier gets a clean bill of health from the pocketSOAP test suite. go Jake!” Thanks, Simon!
12:04:23 AM  

Microsoft Jumps Into Digital-Music Fray. Redmond says MSN Music is its first step toward a subscription service. But with MusicNet and Duet, is the company entering the dance too late? [TheStandard]
12:00:41 AM  

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