Day: <span>April 8, 2001</span> “How do bullies get their way? The divide and demean their opponents, calling names and backing up the names with violent deeds. They are big but lack self-confidence and resolve. Stand up to them and they melt away. Unite and they move aside. George W. Bush, bosses in general, their attempts to achieve control limit them as they do their opponents.”
8:04:35 PM  

One really nice thing about managing my weblog with Radio UserLand is that despite the fact that my site was down nearly continuously for three days during the Spring 2001 Cleanup, I was still able to make updates. As soon as the server came back up, I hit my Publish button, and Presto! there’s all my stuff. “Oh yeah, that’s right,” I thought to myself, “I own my data.”
7:17:33 PM  

CNN: Dutch airport suffers second fire. “Sunday’s blaze began when a fryer overheated in the airport’s Burger King causing a blast and sending flames and smoke through the ceiling.” Whoops!
5:17:51 PM  

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