4/9/2001; 2:34:10 AM

Aaron would probably get a kick out of this story found on Plastic: Teenager Brings Down School Board
8:14:30 PM  

CNN: California governor reaches deal to buy Edison’s power lines.
8:13:50 PM  

Jeff: “I don’t know about you, but I’ve got the willies today…”
5:20:37 PM  

Salon: Made women. “The Sopranos deals with female emotional and sexual desire better than any other show on TV.”
4:00:45 PM  

CNET: Jurors misstate MP3.com payment. “Jurors who ordered the online music provider to pay nearly $300,000 to a record label for copyright infringement say they made a mistake: What they really meant was $3 million.”
12:49:58 PM  

The Register: MS Passport – let the games begin.
12:49:19 PM  

SF Gate: Displaced Musicians Might Find New Home.
12:47:54 PM  

Plastic: Satisfied With Results Of Previous Downtalking, Bush Now Forecasts Economic Upturn
12:47:08 PM  

CNN: Depleted uranium is safe, says EU
12:43:19 PM  

Glenn Fleishman: “Dave Winer has become ubiquitous. His life’s work appears to have led up to this point where, as a single individual representing an independent software developer, he may have the power to force Microsoft to open its gates.”
2:35:10 AM  

LA Times: Scientists to Seek Undersea Volcano.
2:34:38 AM  

The Register: MacOS X is ‘crap’ – Torvalds. He doesn’t like Mach one little bit.
2:34:10 AM  

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