4/11/2001; 12:40:54 AM

Jeff: “My one-bedroom apartment costs $2.13 per hour (a bargain in San Francisco).” That’s $0.0355 per minute. Mine one-bedroom is only $1.71 per hour (or $0.0285 per minute).
8:11:19 PM  

BBC: “As the celebrations begin for the 40th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight, BBC News Online looks at the the legacy of Yuri Gagarin.”
8:05:50 PM  

CNET: Kozmo to close, lay off 1,100. The delivery site will shutter its nine-city service, CNET News.com learns. Bummer.
5:28:19 PM  

Wired News: Webcasters Propose Royalty Plan. Under DiMA’s plan, webcasters are proposing that online radio stations pay $0.0015 per listener hour to cover performance rights fees on music they play. The arrangement is similar to that of terrestrial radio stations, which pay $0.0022 per listener hour to the traditional composers’ collection agencies… [Tomalak’s Realm]
4:39:59 PM  

Salon: Our unimpressive president.
4:39:42 PM  

SF Gate: Europe Edition Cut by Industry Standard.
2:23:29 PM  

Project Censored names the top stories buried by the mainstream media in 2000. (via Jeff)
2:23:04 PM  

BBC: Robotic insect takes to the air. Engineers have test flown a prototype of the world’s first robotic insect.
2:22:13 PM  

George on Memepool: “I thought the stock crash killed off dumb dotcoms. BidForSurgery.com proved me wrong”
2:21:45 PM  

Deborah Branscum: “Why is business so eager to turn the Web and PCs into TVs? We have TVs, dammit! When is it going to sink in that the Internet is different?” (via Scripting News)
12:43:47 AM  

scobleizer: “Oh, this is a keeper! Matt Haughey sends us to DejaVu, a cool service that emulates old browsers with suprising accuracy.”
12:40:54 AM  

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