4/12/2001; 2:05:03 PM

MessiahCam. What will they think of next? [memepool]
7:24:16 PM  

Salon: The bankrupt generation. They got hooked on credit cards when the good times seemed forever. Now the bills are due.
7:21:57 PM  

Jeff: “It just occurred to me that a million dollars is probably be the average cost of an oracle license. IOW, it’s a money back guarantee, not a bounty.”
2:10:09 PM  

Jake’s SOAP Journal: “There’s a debate going on over on the SOAPBuilders list about how to deal with actor and mustUnderstand header attributes. I’ve got my take on the issue, but there are still questions…”
2:09:27 PM  

CNN: State of emergency, curfew declared in Cincinnati.
2:08:41 PM  

Wired: Short Life, Long Death of NBCi. With great fanfare and loud boasts, NBCi was born a couple of years ago. With barely a sniffle, it died this week. What went wrong? Start with everything.
2:05:03 PM  

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