4/13/2001; 12:03:26 AM

Scottish lass: “Sometimes I think Radio UserLand is psychic. I was just thinking that I’ll need to get my head around JavaScript again and boom! there’s the link on my homepage.”
9:38:20 PM  

Nando: Woman, McDonald’s settle lawsuit over hot pickle. What’s next? A suit against Kennmore for not putting a warning on their ovens: “WARNING: Burners are hot! DO NOT TOUCH!
9:25:41 PM  

Scripting News: Jake’s SOAP interop matrix is lookin pretty green!
6:49:27 PM  

BBC: Daring rescue mission heads for pole. The United States Air Force begins a mission to the South Pole to rescue a seriously ill doctor stranded at a research station.
5:16:55 PM  

Also from the BBC: Boeing signs Russian space deal. US aerospace giant Boeing unveils new investment in Russia with a wide-ranging co-operation agreement with the national space agency.
5:16:31 PM  

CNET: Ariba, WebMethods plan option trade-in. In a bid to boost company morale, the two business-to-business software companies plan to allow employees to trade in currently worthless options for new ones. Wheel in the sky keeps on turnin’…
1:19:42 PM  

CNN: Man indicted in dog road rage death
1:18:54 PM  

Plastic: You Wanna Do Blow? Better Bring ID.
1:18:14 PM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: internecine.
1:17:41 PM  

Frontier News: New betas of Frontier and Radio are available. See SOAP Interopability Changes which details the changes to the kernel and tells how you test your copy of Frontier or Radio.
12:06:21 AM  

AP: World: Quake Jolts Southwestern China.
12:03:26 AM  

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