4/14/2001; 1:39:42 AM

Scripting News: “MORE, which was last released ten years ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, has become something of a Methuselah. Takes a lickin, keeps on tickin.”
4:13:25 PM  

spacetoday.net: Final decision on Tito’s flight to be made Tuesday. “Russia is showing no signs of backing away from its commitment to fly Tito, who is paying $20 million for the privilege.”
4:12:28 PM  

Discover: The Physics of . . . Baseballs.
4:11:07 PM  

scobleizer: “Need to add a WYSIWYG HTML editor to your Web-page? Try this InsideDHTML article out. Or use this product from Ektron. Or this Java applet from RealObjects.”
4:10:42 PM  

This was Glenn Fleishman in the days of yore.
1:42:30 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: bevy.
1:39:42 AM  

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