4/15/2001; 4:56:44 AM

RockMom: “There was a butterfly in the yard today. Where did it come from? Hatched and maturing in the frozen winter? I doubt it. Blown north on a wind from the southland? More likely. A figment of my imagination? How many things that we see are amazing and thus subject to question?”
8:04:58 PM  

Wes: “When you push a Pentium 4 hard, it throttles itself down by 50% to avoid overheating. Ouch.
8:03:53 PM  

6:12:31 PM  

Simon: “After talking to Jake last night, I put together this summary of the problem to do with the order of the request/response struct and other items within the body section. Hopefully we can get some conclusion to this one, and can all move on.”
6:10:30 PM  

Jeff: “Survey: Link rot or convenient memory lapse?”
6:09:02 PM  

Salon: Killing as “closure”. John Ashcroft says the closed-circuit TV broadcast of Timothy McVeigh’s execution will help victims heal. But will what they see look too brutal — or not brutal enough? IMHO, if we’re going to kill people, we damn well better see what we’re doing.
4:57:07 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: furtive.
4:56:44 AM  

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