4/16/2001; 12:18:50 AM

Hack the Planet: SnapStream PVS is basically a software TiVo.
11:52:05 PM  

Salon.com: Mickey Mouse is the devil. The long, strange journey of New York activist Rev. Billy and his struggle against Starbucks, Disney, Nike and Cindy Crawford.
4:40:18 PM  

CNN: Cincinnati lifts curfew
4:40:06 PM  

Maybe it’s egotistical, but I get a giddy feeling of satisfaction whenever I hear a breaking news story on the radio, or see it on television, and can think to myself, “Oh yeah, I already linked to that on my weblog.” Radio UserLand makes it possible for me to compete with CNN. (Bang!)
2:17:21 AM  

Space Daily: Cuban Missile Veterans Warn of Nuclear Folly.
1:57:47 AM  

I’m sure that Brent will be interested to know that there’s a MacOS X beta of Eudora 5.1, which means he won’t have to use that thing that comes with MacOS X.
1:33:12 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: pulchritude.
1:18:18 AM  

BBC: Punk legend dies. “One of the legends of the punk rock era, Joey Ramone, has died of lymphoma in a New York hospital at the age of 49.”
12:18:50 AM  

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