4/17/2001; 12:52:04 AM

Barry Bonds joined the 500-club tonight at Pac Bell Park. With the Giants down by one against the Dodgers, Bonds hit his 500th career home run all the way into McCovey Cove, with one man on base in the eighth inning, bringing in the winning run. It was probably the longest hit since Pac Bell Park opened. Great game, wish I’d been there. Jeff was.
11:51:39 PM  

Dave: “Speak for yourself Dan, I plan to win a Pulitzer.”
11:41:22 PM  

Jeff Barr just updated his Syndication Links page.
7:12:15 PM  

Jeff Cheney: “Just when you thought the new TLDs couldn’t possibly get any more stupid, .ws. ‘.WS’ is supposed to stand for ‘Dot Web Site’.”
7:11:32 PM  

Inside.com: Barnesandnoble.com Expects Dramatic Rise in Sales. The online bookseller says 1st-quarter sales will rise 23 percent, topping analysts’ estimates in a tough market — and outstripping Amazon.
4:14:57 PM  

Joel: Don’t Let Architecture Astronauts Scare You. “When you go too far up, abstraction-wise, you run out of oxygen. Sometimes smart thinkers just don’t know when to stop, and they create these absurd, all-encompassing, high-level pictures of the universe that are all good and fine, but don’t actually mean anything at all.”
2:30:42 PM  

Plastic: Spielberg Leaves Boy Scouts Board Over Ban On Gays
11:53:46 AM  

CNN: Inquiry into ship’s mystery ‘slave cargo’
11:53:09 AM  

CNN: Concorde tests new tyres
11:52:48 AM  

Athena: “I am paradoxically energized by such obvious bad behavior. We’ll find out later whether my fear of words is justified.”
12:52:04 AM  

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