4/21/2001; 3:06:24 AM

AthenaDoc.Com: “Remember meteors at the Vineyard, Jake?” Of course I do.
9:42:35 PM  

Via Evhead: Kung Fu stick figures in Flash.
7:44:31 PM  

Salon: Bush to once-busted students: Do as I say. The ban on college aid to those convicted of drug charges is arbitrary — and has more than a whiff of hypocrisy.
6:51:19 PM  

Wired: Bush Daughter Off Limits Online. Yale University forces a student newspaper to delete an article on the president’s daughter. So much for free speech.
6:50:54 PM  

BBC: UN debates Kyoto future. International environment ministers are meeting in New York to discuss how a deal on climate change can be salvaged after the US pullout.
6:50:14 PM  

CNN: U.S. criticized on climate change.
6:49:42 PM  

BBC: Space tourist ‘cleared for take-off’. Reports from the US indicate that Nasa has agreed in principle to allow a businessman to become the first paying space tourist.
3:06:42 AM  

Dictionary.com Word of the Day: teetotaler.
3:06:24 AM  

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